New Maruti Swift February 2024 Review

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The 2024 swift isn't very different on the outside. It's got a two-tone paint scheme if you want it and got this new bar of chrome running across the grill but. what is really different is the 90 horsepower engine under the hood. Just how much better is it let's find out. But first a little more on the dual jet engine that uses two injectors in place of one this results in faster responses more torque and greater smoothness and efficiency. The 2024 swift also gets idle start stop to save fuel and efficiency is up by a massive two kilometers a liter up to a claimed 23.2 kpl.

New Maruti Swift 2023 Review

So can you feel the difference in performance from behind the wheel the first thing you notice is that at idle the engine feels smoother in fact vibrations are so low you barely notice it running. In the back ground it even idles as low as 600 rpm with the air conditioning off now this dual jet engine is pretty impressive. Swift 2023 smooth at low rpm it pulls well when you put your foot even gently on the throttle and then really step on it .

Really does enjoy revving it doesn't quite leap off the line but acceleration is progressive and gets stronger and stronger. As you rev it harder it gets more enthusiastic it starts pulling hard from around 4000 rpm, then hang on to around six and it's plenty of fun it's a nice in the top end and the engine always stays smooth and happy. To rev it's a significant update performance is stronger too hold the swift accelerator down and the 2023 swift revs till 6400 rpm with the 0-100 coming up in 11.67 seconds the 100 bhp hyundai neos turbo however is much faster 100 comes up in just 9.8 seconds. And so is the volkswagen one liter TSI Polo both smaller engines making good use of the turbo boost not only is the engine smoother the swift is just as nice to drive in traffic because of the light gear box and clutch .

The steering that doesn't need much effort and a nicely set up brakes the new swift has a familiar ride too now the swift has always had a hint of stiffness. When it comes to ripe maruti have softened it over the years and this probably is the best riding swift it rounds off bumps pretty well but you do feel. Some of the sharper ones especially at these low and medium speeds when it comes to handling the dirty a gile nature of the swift remains. New swift may not have the most feel sim steering and some of its competitors have a bit more grip but show it a set of corners and the swift can definitely plant a smile on your face it's a fun little car. The harder you drive the swift the nicer it gets the new swift however remains familiar on the inside .

New Maruti Swift 2023 Review

.Now not much has changed on the inside of the swift but  it's now much more colorful smart play studio here with its colored tiles really brightens up the cabin you get a color mid between the two dials as on the baleno and the dials themselves get the se lovely red highlights they look pretty sporty as does this wheel also nice is the way the seat holds you in place there's new fabric on the seat s and a few other touches like some highlights some of the plastics could have been less shiny better built and the car is missing some kit like connected tech and wireless charging but overall the cabin is a comfortable place to be and you do get some new kit like cruise control and automatic folding mirrors now room isn't the problem in the back of the new swift per se there's a pretty decent amount here and you can stretch your legs under the seat but the backrest is a bit upright and because this three pillar has a shroud here due to the door handle it does feel a bit hemmed in the swift is a car with loads of character genuine personality and an identity all its own performance on the 2024 swift is marginally stronger the engine is smoother and it remain s light and easy to drive while the new swift may not be as fun to drive as it once was it's also reasonably engaging and entertaining when you up the pace what makes it even more appealing is the fact that it is comfortable on the inside has a practical boot and is more efficient by acclaimed two kilometers a liter it may not be quite as well equipped as rivals and priced between 5.7 and 8.4 lakh it costs a bit more still there's no denying the new swif t exerts an extremely strong pull and a lot of that has to do with the fact that it's both practical and entertaining from behind the wheel in equal measure you .

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