What Is Mahindra thar crde 4x4 ac price(2014 - 2020)

Mahindra thar crde was for sale 2014 to 2020. That's why this car is not available in the showroom. But you can buy it in the used car market.

What Is Mahindra thar crde 4x4 ac price

Therefore, we cannot tell you the exact price of this vehicle. But here we are giving you some idea of the prices. of crde prices.

Model year Low Price High Price
2014 4 lakh 5 lakh
2015 5 lakh 6 lakh
2016 6 lakh 6.50 lakh
2017 6 lakh 6.75 lakh
2018 6.25 lakh 7.80 lakh
2019 8.0 lakh 10.25 lakh
2020 9.0 lakh 12.25 lakh

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