Mercedes-Benz Maybach GLS 600 Price - Images, Colours, engine, variant and price

Under the hood, the Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 4Matic is propelled by a 4.0-litre V8 petrol engine that produces 550bhp between 6,000-6,500rpm and 730Nm

Mercedes-Benz the ultra-luxury division of Mercedes-Benz has launched. The GLS 600 in India GLS 600 will be the Mercedes-Benz flagship SUV offering in India. Sitting above even the likes of the iconic G63 AMG let's start off with the obvious pricing. The Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 4 Matic has priced at 2 crores 43 lakh rupees as a base price. Before you start adding in all the options that are on offer and getting one won't be easy either just over 50 GLS 600. My bucks were allocated for India in 2021 and all of them have been sold even before the prices for this SUV were announced. The next set of cars will only arrive in India in early 2024.

Mercedes-Benz Maybach GLS 600

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Mercedes-Benz GLS 600 Exterior

Unlike the Maybach S-class which is noticeably longer than the standard s-class, the GLS Maybach has similar proportions to its regular cousin that though does not stop it from standing out from the crowd with a massive 28 slat chrome grille and all the other high quality chrome trim that is specific to the GLS 600 this is also the first-ever SUV from Mercedes-Benz that comes with an upright bonnet mounted star, as compared to the larger grille-mounted stars instead of a set of 22-inch wheels, come as standard or if those are too small for you a set of really cool looking 23-inch wheels come as an optional extra the GLS 600 can also be specified in a range of single-tone standard or design or colors or a host of two-tone paint options but unlike the more common contrast color roof the partition line down the side is more reminiscent of the coach built vintage cars and certainly stands out more a cool detail exclusive to the Maybach GLS is an automatic footstep that lowers when you open the door. 

Mercedes-Benz GLS 600 Exterior

Mercedes-Benz GLS 600 Interior

The insides are where the GLS 600 really starts to prove its worth the seven-seat layout with its three rows gets replaced by a four-seat of five-seat two two-row layouts. instead, the rear seats have been moved back 120 mm and now offer customers 93 mm more like space in the rear with the four-seat layout the recliners offer up to 43.5 degrees of reliability giving passengers a first-class or private jet level of luxury. Black Napa leather comes as standard or one can opt for the mahogany brown and macchiato beige combination or a silver-gray pearl and crystal white leather option. similarly, Mercedes Maybach offers four different types of wood that one can choose from to create a truly individual spec as expected the feature list on the Maybach GLS 600 is as long as the car itself rear seats. As we mentioned earlier comes with both a cool or heated function and also gets a massage option then there is a removable box tablet for the rear passengers that can be used to control the car's functions. optional extras include a rear-seat infotainment package with a dual 11.6-inch screen folding table a rear refrigerator and a champagne flute holder buyers will also be able to opt for features like a heads heads-up display the high-end Burmester audio setup active.
Mercedes-Benz GLS 600 Interior

Mercedes-Benz GLS 600 speed, power, and engine

In Mercedes-Benz GLS 600 suspension control and a driver assistance package and finally, the engine unlike in the past for the 600 badges meant a v12 the GLS 600 gets a v8 a four-liter twin-turbo v8 to be precisely making 557 horsepower and 730-newton meters of torque and despite its massive proportions the Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 is no slouch 0-100 kilometers per hour takes just 4.9 seconds onto a top speed of 250 kilometers per hour so there you have it the new flagship SUV offering from Mercedes-Benz India and although it does pack in a big price tag it does offer a lot of kits to drivers like the Bentley benga and the range rover most certainly have something to be worried.

Mercedes-Benz GLS 600 Review

so back in the day when maharajas ruled they had special transport elephants and they were comfortable large could go anywhere, the Maybach GLS is something like that extremely plush and comfortable on the inside designed to give you overt luxury. Mercedes even say this one can dance bounce mode or recovery function uses the air suspension to vary the pressure on tires so improving grip it does this by increasing and reducing the pressure on the tires. which in turn increases the amount of grip available seeing the Maybach bounce like a low rider, however, is so much fun owners will mainly use it as a party trick, and then there's the other thing guaranteed to blow people's minds rear seat experience. Now if you're thinking the Maybach is as comfortable in the back as a first-class cabin,  well you're wrong it's even more comfortable and it's the little things stuff like this thick pile the carpet below the fact that you have two different types of cup holders, there's four in total these can be cooled heated the two champagne glass holders. Do you have wireless charging for your phone a tablet which you can remove a couple of optional screens with a web browser if I need to work there's a table where you can pull it out it takes a bit but it's nice and solid and yes working here would be pretty easy and you can also option a fridge one that can fit a full-size champagne bottle and wouldn't that be neat you also get champagne glass holders and of course?

Mercedes-Benz Maybach GLS Price - Images, Colours

Maybach logos all over but the best trick of this seat of the course is when you take it all the way back it reclines to  43.5 degrees and since I can extend the footrest taking off my shoes and stretching outcomes naturally the GLS is a bit narrower than class but what you can do is turn the rear of the cabin into a mini spa several things pull in to deliver the effect the cabin lights are dimmed ambient lighting sets the mood and you can even choose your favorite spa music played via the 27 speaker1590 watt Burmester system all while the seat delivers a relaxing hot massage the Maybach 600 would even perfume the air for you you can even do an. 

Mercedes-Benz Maybach GLS Price - Images, Colours

The energizing workout should you wish the massage seats provide resistance against which you have to push back also pretty mind-blowing is the cost of the options apart from the 2.43 crore starting price. The first-class rear compartment upgrade costs rupees 7.99 lakh roughly the price of a small Hyundai and not everything you see in the back is included the fridge for example cost 2.35 lakh the folding tables 3.84 lakh the 3d Burmester sound system 8.7 lakh the rear entertainment pack is rupees 5.10 lakh and the craziest of all the champagne flute holders 1.71 lakh and you don't even get a pair of glasses just the holder the dash clearly is very similar to a GLS but what you also get is plenty of pinstripe wood paneling luscious napa leather on the seats and even full leather on the roof lining.

Mercedes-Benz Maybach GLS Price - Images, Colours

The Maybach even helps you step out by automatically extending a footboard while the Maybach does look like a GLS it's not too different to identify it as one first up the nose there's so much extra chromium you can't look at it in bright  sunlight without welders glasses so this is a GLS but you do get special treatment from me back first of all you  have this star placed up here the first time on the modern SUV there's a lot of lush chrome here this looks really fantastic it reminds you of the cars of old the grill on the old cars the may bach the Mercedes attractive lights we get 22-inch wheels that's the standard wheel the 23 is the optional wheel but i think we should stick to this for our conditions in our roads absolutely delightful drop in the paint fro metallic maroon to black here with this pinstripe running right across of course, with the GLS it's the length of the car that's so important and just to accentuate the luxurythe element you have this thick band of chrome just the b pillar and then it runs all the way back with the Maybach badge at the rear but it isn't just a cabin Maybach has trans formed the ride and drive experience too is also almost limo like  this clearly is no off-roader under the hood is a hybrid v8 derived from an AMG unit but here it's practicing yoga rather than pumping i ran and then there's the s-class spec suspension that gets three-chamber air springs and active suspension to make the GLS Maybach float like a hovercraft. So what's it like on the move let's get to the most comfortable mode first and the Maybach is a comfort-oriented car and it has its own model you can switch to Maybach mode here and the ride softens up the throttle responses are slightly dulled and smoother and in general the car just glides forward it's as if the road underneath suddenly is perfect of course it gets a lot of help from the seriously high-tech. The suspension now this car can read the road ahead and soften the air springs when it sees a speed breaker like that can you believe that was a set of speed breakers? Me back can just glide over it  let's see that again there are however times when you come across a hard sharp edge where  the maybach does thud and sort of feel a bit unsettled even the dampers adjust themselves before you come to a bump incredibly on poor road surfaces the system is able to even generate electricity from the up and down movement of the wheels and the other thing you notice immediately is that the world seems to be cut off you just can't hear anything it's like there are ear muffs on your ear, a lot of that has got to do with the double glazing and the massive levels of acousticdampening that Mercedes has put in this maybach 600 it's just so silent creamy smooth and pushing out a near combined 1000 nm of torque the AMG derived twin turbo hybrid v8 is another standout factor put your foot on the throttle and it always seems to deliver more torque than you asked for and that just makes it feel effortless in how it delivers power it's not so much the hard accelerationthat impresses but it's the effortlessness and the talk with which the maybach pulls for ward which really does suit its character and there's a solid consistent shove in the back which feels just great despite weighing in at 2.7 tons the maybach GLS is also quick 0-100 takes just 5.04 seconds with 200 coming up in 18.12 seconds it's also very agreeable to drive the light and oily smooth steering helps guide the super tanker with minimum fuss and since the fast acting air suspension ensures body roll remains in check the stable platform even ducks in and out of corners pretty nicely then there's curve now what the may be a has is a mode called curve and select it and it keeps passengers more comfortable it prevents the car from rolling too much and actually actively rolls into the corner and it's pretty good you sort of can feel the system straightening the car and that's pretty impressive in off-road mode the air suspension even allows you to raise and lower individual wheels manually which can be pretty entertaining the Maybach GLS 600 has a starting price of 2.43 crore but this is before you spec it updo that and you can easily add another craw to the price while this is undoubtedly a humongous pile of cash the GLS-600 is still more easily accessible than rivals like the Bentley and the Rolls-Royce Cullinan prices for which start at around four and seven crores respectively guess unlike its rivals it doesn't quite  have its own identity and it still is based on the GLS but what the may wag offers is an experience not too far removed from these much more expensive rivals looking for an alternative to a Maybach S-class limo this super-luxury SUV could be one of them perfect hello ready will he lm Maybach was slowly sir don't run away fast go around I'm also walking around stopping at mirror okay I'm taking massage never get a chance don't look now  aaron's getting a massage in the back  thank you two minutes thank you so much you.

Review -

Amit Shah

Good one.. but think twice

Car is good in point of mileage, performance and exterior looks but if you ask me the build quality.. its not upto the mark. I will even say poor build quality. To be more specific you can't expect a hard roof in Maybach GLS and one more thing is that you can hear outside noise.

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